Conservation Policy

As a Christian community we recognize God has appointed us as stewards. We are responsible for the resources that the Creator has given us. We recognize the obligation to be prudent caretakers of our environment for our neighbours, heirs and ourselves. As a community, we will conserve our resources of water, energy, light and materials.


When we need to make substantial repairs to our buildings we will, when and if feasible, strive to do so using the latest technology and environmentally friendly means. We will conserve our water resources and seek ways to limit the use of water in and around our buildings. We will seek ways to reduce our use of any non- recyclable products. We will be mindful of conserving energy and investigate and implement ways to reduce our use of electricity and fossil fuels.


We will strive to use products from recyclable materials and which are environmentally friendly in all of our community related activities. We will endeavor to use washable eating utensils and dishware rather than the one use types.


We will commit to a program of recycling material such as paper, plastics, glass, metal and compostable kitchen and garden waste.