June 15, 2017

WELCOME Welcome, Fr. Thomas Chinnappa, to Saanich Peninsula Parish!  We are so glad you are here and welcome you with open hearts and hands! 

OUR RESPONSE TO DISASTER Since February the United Nations has warned the world about a humanitarian disaster unfolding in parts of North Africa where drought and war are affecting millions of innocent people. The Canadian Government has announced through its Famine Relief Fund that it will match all donations given by individuals to a recognized Canadian charity before June 30. The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, the official social justice organization of the Canadian Bishops, is one of these and D & P has already raised $ 250,000 which will be matched. An interfaith appeal called “Pray, Give, Speak-Out” is being held throughout our Diocese to enable us to do our part. 20 million people are on the edge of starvation in four countries: South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and northern Nigeria. The UN’s World Food Program has only received 24 % of the $ 3.8 billion needed to head off starvation. The situation is complicated because several issues are at play: climate change, war, politics, incompetent local governments and corruption. That does not mean that we cannot  do something for the innocent people affected by all these. Development and Peace has the experience and can be trusted to bring the necessary aid through local partners to the people affected. The people themselves only need to be given a chance to manage their lives, to have access to land and water, and to plant and grow crops, which in their climate can be done in three to four months. Development and Peace works with Caritas South Sudan on a variety of food security programs. Their current programs have provided 5,330 households with food, given secure access to clean water and sanitation for 8,980 households and sheltered up to 1,000 families temporarily in church compounds. Let us do our part to continue and expand these programs. Thank you for your generosity, fr. Rolf 

PARISH MINISTRIES’ SUMMER BREAKS Faith Reflection: Resumes Sept. 18 Friendly Hours: Last day: June 22.                             Resumes Sept.  7 Taiji Qigong: Cancelled until further notice 


April 14, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS SHEILA! In 2012 our Parish began to pay for the postsecondary formation of a young woman named Sheila Agan, daughter of a couple in the  leper colony of Pasobolong, Zamboanga City, Philippines, which Fr. Rolf visited in 2013.  On March 30 Sheila graduated in social work and was able to convince her parents, (who have lost fingers, hand, toes) to overcome the stigma still attached to Hanson disease (leprosy) and have them participate in the graduation ceremony.  You can see the pride on her face in the pictures  displayed at St. Elizabeth’s. Sheila will begin her social work in the leper village in Pasobolong. Thank you for your support.  

“GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME” Fr. Thomas Chinnappa (age 47) from the Diocese of Mysore in India was able to obtain a visa and will arrive in Victoria on April 25.  Fr. Thomas will spend a month in Duncan with  Fr. Joe, who knows him.  Later in May he will join Fr. Rolf in the rectory and begin his pastoral work, primarily with the four First Nations people in the parish. Fr. Thomas speaks English; his mother dialect is called “Kanada”. 

D&P SHARE LENT 2017 Thanks to your generosity, $4,897 was collected in our parish. There is still time to make a donation.  Thanks also to the children of Carla and Jim Fretwell’s sacramental prep class who collected $290.62 with their “lemonade stand”.  

ST. ANDREW’S HIGH SCHOOL UPGRADE After a number of years of prep work which saw the enlargement of St. Joseph Elementary, seismic upgrading of St. Patrick’s Elementary, and sale of St. Andrew’s Elementary, the Diocese is now entering the third stage of the RC school plan. On Tuesday various committees, including our Bishop and his consultors, approved the rebuilding of St. Andrew’s High School. This is the most expensive and important project in our diocese and will cost $13 million dollars. Work will begin this summer with the necessary seismic upgrading of the portion of the existing school which will be retained. Please, remember that the BC Government financially supports only 50% of the operating costs of our schools and does not contribute to any capital project. The decision was not taken lightly but was absolutely necessary given the present condition of the High School. For the last six years a substantial portion of the annual Diocesan Appeal was allocated to the upgrading of our schools. 

BISHOP’S GALA: SAT. MAY 6 Our diocese needs funds to meet the needs of various outreach ministries such as schools,  isolated communities & First Nations. These essential ministries are a vital part of our faith community even though they may not be visible to us, and will not exist without our support!  A special night out with friends for a great cause!   Do you have your Gala tickets yet? Sat., May 6,  6 pm at Our Lady of Fatima Hall. Champagne reception, dinner, silent & live auctions, fun and fellowship!  Tickets $100 /person; tables of 8 or  10 available.  Purchase your tickets online at tinyurl.com/2017-bishops-gala. 


March 17, 2017

LENTEN RECONCILIATION SERVICE  Please, come to our communal Lenten Reconciliation Service this coming Friday, Mar. 24 at 7:00 pm.  Remembering that our sins affect the lives of others, we come together to repent, reconcile & renew in celebration of God’s mercy and tenderness. Families are urged to bring their children to experience this very special aspect of our faith. No school the following day! 

LENTEN RECONCILIATION SERVICE  Please, come to our communal Lenten Reconciliation Service this coming Friday, Mar. 24 at 7:00 pm.  Remembering that our sins affect the lives of others, we come together to repent, reconcile & renew in celebration of God’s mercy and tenderness. Families are urged to bring their children to experience this very special aspect of our faith. No school the following day! 

DIRECTORY  PHOTO TAKING  SESSIONS BEGIN  Sat. Mar. 24 at 6 pm  & Sun. Mar. 26 at 11:45 am in the Library/TV room. New parishioners are encouraged to sign up. No obligation to purchase a picture. There’s still time to book a photo session online at tinyurl.com/SPP-PhotoDirectory-Signup (Mon. to Friday only).   


  • Friendly Hours will continue with no break. 
  • Rel. Educ. cancelled on Apr. 9 & 16   
  • Prayer Group cancelled on Apr. 13  
  • Faith Reflection cancelled on Mon. Apr. 17  
  • Taiji Qigong cancelled on Apr. 13 

STATIONS OF THE CROSS  During Lent, Stations of the Cross will be held on Mondays, 7 pm at St. Elizabeth’s. 

D & P Share Lent 2017  Week #3: Women are breaking the chains of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This week, we meet with Cécile Kazadi, a woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who explains why community radio is an essential tool for women denouncing sexual violence. “Thanks to RCK radio, our lives have changed a lot. We are now aware of our rights.” This year, why not share year-round by joining Development and Peace – Caritas Canada’s monthly donor program? More information can be found online at devp.org/shareyearround. D&P has been working with the Congolese Catholic Church to encourage citizen participation and ensure a fair electoral process since the first democratic elections in the DRC in 2006. . 

Parish Council Update:  Parish Council has reconfirmed our decision to direct the funds raised for refugee aid to internally displaced Christians in Erbil & Mosul, Iraq.  

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of our Mother Church, the Cathedral, the Bishop has initiated a Diocesan Award to recognize parishioners who have served their local faith community. Any nominees? 

“I MET GOD TODAY - ORDINARY EVENTS SEEN WITH NEW EYES” Young teenage glimpses of transcendence - reflections by grade 8 students of St. Andrew’s High School gathered by Danny Brock, teacher and mentor of young people.  I hope you will meet God when you read these reflections.  ($20/book - see Fr. Rolf or office). 

BOOK SALE: “JUDGED ON LOVE ALONE”  Dr. Patricia Rooke has been teaching our faith in the Diocese for 14 years. Her course material is compiled in her book Judged on Love Alone. Copies available for a donation of $15. Proceeds will go toward our parish scholarship fund.   

HUNT FOR EASTER EGG TREATS The Religious Education program is planning an Easter Egg Hunt. If you would like to contribute some treats for this occasion, please drop off you donation at the parish office. Donations need to be dropped off by Palm Sunday. Thank You. 

CALLING ALL GRADUATES If you or your daughter / son / grandchild is graduating from high school, college or university, please inform the parish office

DEVELOPMENT & PEACE ART CONTEST Anyone under the age of 35 is invited to share their talents by participating in the 50th Anniversary of Development & Peace Art Contest. Check out the poster in the foyer of  St. Elizabeth’s  for  more information. 


Fr. Jack’s funeral mass will be held on Fri. Apr. 8 at St. Elizabeth’s.
Time to be determined.