Parish Administration

To volunteer or for more information about any of these ministries or groups, please contact the parish office.

Bulletin Team

To photocopy and fold the weekly bulletin.

Commitment: One morning per week.

Computer Consultant

To provide computer assistance as needed.

Commitment: As needed.

Finance Committee

To oversee the Parish finances and make recommendations to Parish Council and to prepare the annual budget for presentation to Parish Council and the community.

Commitment: One meeting per month.

Office Help

To assist the parish coordinator with various tasks; photocopying, marriage documents, post-office runs, registers, maintenance, etc.

Commitment: As needed.

Parish Pastoral Council 

To work with the pastor to ensure the parish is working effectively.

Commitment: Meet first Wednesday evening of every month. Participate on various council sub-committees.

» Parish Council

Creative & Maintenance

To volunteer or for more information about any of these ministries or groups, please contact the parish office.

Art Work & Calligraphy

To provide calligraphy on special certificates. To provide banners or decoration for special occasions.

Commitment: On call.


To take photographs at significant parish functions.

Commitment: As dictated by the event.

Floral Arrangement

To beautify the worship space in our churches.

Commitment: Weekly and on-demand for special occasions.


To maintain the lawns and the flower gardens around the churches.

Commitment: Seasonal.


To provide professional skills or consultation in various areas of maintenance and repairs. Such as a carpenter, electrician, plumber.

Commitment: As needed.

Cemetary Maintenance

To measure and mark plots. Arrange clean-up work parties and general maintenance of cemetery.

Commitment: As needed (approximately 2 hours, monthly).

Sound Consultant

To ensure that the sound system is maintained and operating effectively.

Commitment: As needed.