Gradual Re-opening of Churches during Covid19


Bishop's Letter: Pastoral-ltr-Pentecost-Reopening-our-Churches.pdf 

General Directives: General-Directives-for-the-Reopening-of-Churches---Final.pdf

Bishop Gary Gordon has given permission to all parishes in the Diocese of Victoria to gradually re-open the churches for the Sunday Eucharist Celebrations.

In our Parish St. Elizabeth will re-open this coming Pentecost weekend of May30 (Mass at 5:00 pm), Sunday May/31 (Mass at 8:30 am and at 10:30 am);

Our Lady of the Assumption church will remain closed because social distancing cannot be observed there.

The following directives must be observed including BC Public Health conditions:

·   People who are vulnerable with underlying health issues should continue to stay home!

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass does not apply during the pandemic which is continuing.

·  Masses and other liturgies are limited to a maximum of 50 persons; not everyone can come!

· “Parishioners must sign up to attend once a week a specific Mass at a specific time on a regular basis. They may not attend a Mass at another time; they cannot sign up for more than one mass.  Please call 250-656-7433 or email parish office at to let us know the Mass you wish to attend and how many will be in your group. Deadline is Friday May 29.

· A database record of the contact information is required and a detailed list of those who attend each Mass must be retained. In the case of an individual who tests positive for Covid-19, the parish will be able to assist public health officials with tracing by contacting everyone who may have been exposed.” On entering, your presence with name and contact info will be noted.  According to your group, please take a seat in the preset grouping of chairs.

· Social distancing of 6 feet in the church & parking lot at all times

· “All those attending Mass do so at their own risk and must take responsibility for protecting themselves and

others.” Individuals are encouraged to wear a mask.

· Washrooms will be closed except for emergencies

· “People are not to gather in the vestibule or near the doors of the church before or after Mass.”

· Use a walker or a walking stick; there will be no chair in front of you to hold onto

· There will be no singing by the congregation

· Only the celebrant will distribute communion from behind a plexiglass divider through an opening

· Collection baskets will be located at the back of the church; they will not be passed during Mass.

· Leaving the church will be by row; please, wait till it is your turn. Please, do not linger in the foyer when leaving

· All this is for your protection as well as for the protection of others



As we continue to journey and pray together during these challenging times, please join Bishop Gary Gordon as he celebrates Mass through a live stream from the Cathedral.   To access the live stream link from the Diocese of Victoria website, simply click on the following link at Diocese of Victoria's Live Stream.  

Sundays at 10 am: Monday to Friday at 7 PM


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