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Born of the Spirit

Children’s Religious Education Program 

Welcome to the children’s religious education program “Born of the Spirit” (Canadian Catechetical Series). The aim of the program is to lead the whole child to discover and celebrate the presence and action of God in his/her life. The purpose of the program is not to teach the child to talk about God, but first of all to live in friendship with God our Father, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Pre-School, Kindergarten & Course 1

Invited to Belong to God

God is introduced as a loving and caring "abba", or parent, who loves us unconditionally.

Catechists: Leonarda Manalo and Stasia Hartley

Course 2

We Belong to the Lord Jesus

Jesus invites us into personal friendship – Eucharist.

Catechist: Carla and Jim Fretwell

Course 3

In the Spirit We Belong

Year three is focused on gathering the children together as one, and helping them to celebrate with the spirit of Jesus. Independence and community are both important in the classroom, and their education of the Holy Spirit, the Catholic faith, and personal and communal prayer continues to develop.

Catechists: Carla/Jim Fretwell and Stasia Hartley

Course 4 & 5

Come and See

Through gospel stories explore the meaning of Jesus Christ for us today - to be his disciple and friend. May we be one Deepen our understanding of being church – witnesses of faith gathered everywhere in the Spirit of Jesus.

Catechists: Stasia Hartley 

Course 6, 7 & 8

Junior Youth Program

This program is organized a little differently than the program for the younger children. The youth group has a spiritual program at its center, but we also want to teach young people about the responsibilities and joy of belonging to a faith community.

Catechists: Stasia Hartley

The Canadian Catechetical series ‘Born of the Spirit’ builds on the essential children education in faith which parents provide. The various years of the catechetical series seek to provide a progressive and systematic presentation to the basic content of the faith. They are seen as an initiation into a lifetime of growing faith.

If you have any questions about our program, please talk to us. If you wish to help out in any fashion during the year, we welcome your participation.

Thank you, and may the peace of Christ be always with you and your families.

Contact: Carla Fretwell 250-655-4159 or Parish Office 250-656-7433